Heat Press works great for those low number quantity orders. You can get your custom item made without all the setups of screens. Heat Press materials also hold up extremely well.


Please use Dropbox to submit your designs. Even if you don't use Dropbox you can still use the link to submit your files! CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT FILES

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I’ve done a lot of baseball, softball and basketball shirts. The fronts of the shirts normally will have the team logo with custom name and numbers on the backs. This is were using a screen for the front and heat press for the backs comes into play. Being able to put custom lettering on the backs quickly and easily with heat press. Giving everyone their name with the team logo on the fronts.


We have access to over 130 brands of clothing, so I think we got you covered!
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Scott King Designs does NOT have a minium qty order!
No setup fees for all Heat Press items!